A small characteristic town south of Brittany

Take off for a discovery, making a detour via the back streets of the town centre and along the coastal paths to come upon the rich past of this ancient corsair city and its many examples of a remarkable architectural heritage.

The principal French port of prawns. Le Croisic offers you the pleasures of the sea in your plate! Shellfish, sea bass baked in a salt crust, fish stew, so many invitations to dine on products fresh from the sea. And for those who prefer the turf how about crepes and buckwheat pancakes to please your palette!!!

Contemplate the raw, rugged coastline, between rocks and coves or sandy beaches as well as a variety of fauna and flora. Once launched on the granite coast of Le Croisic you will enjoy the pleasures of water sports and relaxing by the sea.

Strolling along the coastal foot paths, walking in the verdure of the Park of PennAvel or in the moors roughened by the vivid air from the ocean, here are some of the reasons to visit the beauties of nature

Opening hours

Open : Monday to Saturday 9h30-12h00 / 14h00-18h00
June and September : Monday to Saturday 9h30-12h00 / 14h00-18h00 – Sunday 10h30-12h30 / 14h00-17h00
July and August : 9h00–19h00 / Sunday 10h00-17h00

Le Croisic
  • Le Croisic
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  • Le Croisic, ville fleurie